Behavioural Consults



Cats Behaving Badly – Behavioural Consults

 If you think you have tried everything and are out of ideas or hope. Please try one more thing for your cat, and for your sanity. Give me a call to discuss a Cat Behavioural Consult.

Together we can work towards a goal to assist you, and your cat in a holistic home environment, it will be the best thing you will do for your cat.

What is the main benefit of booking a Cat Behavioural Consult with Me

  • I will help you transform your naughty kitty into a perfect feline companion


Hi My Name is Amanda Sweeting, I am the owner of Cat Utopia Resort & Spa and have been working with cats for over 21 years. Here is a little bit about myself and my back ground.

I had a dream to create a luxury cat boarding facility to change the concept of cat boarding. Over time, I  created the leading luxury boutique cat resort in Australia with Cat Utopia Resort & Spa.

From 21 years of working in the cattery and helping many, and I mean many, owners and cats, I have decided to spread the word to help many more cat owners and to create as many happy cats as possible.

I understand and know how cats behave and think. I have profound knowledge in the feline world and can help even the most difficult of cases.

What is included in a Behavioural Assessment?

I give an individual approach to assisting you to correct your cats behaviour by;

Contacting you via phone or skype to assess the individual situation and get an idea of what is involved in this particular case. From there we will arrange a home visit which will be between 1 and 3 hours depending on the severity of the case. In 4-6 weeks I will have a follow up appointment by phone or skype to check progress of the behaviours of your cat.

Who is a Behavioural Assessment for?

Difficult cats
Nervous/anxiety prone cats
Aggressive cats
Naughty cats
Undesirable behaviours
Social problems
Bonding and relationship building
Roaming cats
Multiple cat household problems
Kitten advice