Cat Utopia Resort

Why Choose Us?


Our 5 Star Luxury Resort has been designed to give your cat the Purrfect Holiday and you Peace of Mind.


Health and wellbeing for cats is at the core of everything we do. With over 21 years of cat care experience, we have learned much about how to help cats relax and enjoy their time away from home. There is special nutrition, grooming and interactive activities to make sure your cat’s stay is enjoyable and they come home abundantly healthy.

At Cat Utopia Resort we offer a safe and caring environment with a 24-hour on-site manager so you know your cat will enjoy their holiday with plenty of loving care. Make your cat’s next holiday a blissful one at Cat Utopia Resort and enjoy your time away knowing that your precious kitty is in good hands.

Our specially designed facility offers both a rewarding experience for our guests and peace of mind for their parents.

  • Climate Control

    Our central climate control system will ensure that your kitty is always at a comfortable and relaxing temperature. Warm in the winter and cool in the Australian summers.

  • Play Areas

    We have several areas where your cat can relax, sleep, or play. Our Jungle Gym Play Area features a gum tree for our furry guests to climb, scratch and relax on. This interactive play area consists of an LCD TV screen with cat movies for your cat’s pleasure and floor-to-ceiling glass panels for viewing the Japanese garden with its abundance of birds, lizards and insects that are sure to keep your cat visually stimulated and entertained. Check out our Play Page.

  • Food Menu Options

    Your cat’s luxurious stay includes several meal plan options. You can browse through our menu options here.

  • Soothing Music

    Your pet will find itself relaxed by the soothing music playing throughout our Resort. At night we turn down the music so that they can have rejuvenating sleep.

  • 24/7 Vet Access

    We know how important your cat is to you because they are important to us too! We have a veterinarian on-call so that if any complications occur, we can offer veterinarian care. Nanny Bec is a Vet Nurse, she and the other Nannies monitor your cat’s health as part of their daily routine.

  • Fresh Kitty Treats

    No vacation is complete without being able to indulge in some snacks. We offer natural and healthy snacks for your Kitty. Tell our Nannies your cat’s favourite flavour and we will match their treat specifically to their tastes.

  • LCD TV Screens

    Our Imperial Suites and Penthouses have LCD TV Screens to watch entertaining cat movies playing mice, birds and fish.

Our friendly nannies will look after your cat as if it was their own and are experienced at helping them to quickly settle into their accommodation for their blissful holiday at Cat Utopia Resort. Click here to check out our Nannies.


Benefits of boarding your cat at Cat Utopia Resort

More information on your Cats Holiday below


[accordion-pane title=”Cat Utopia is not your ordinary cat boarding facility, it is a Kitty School for all age cats”]

teaching them to overcome their natural instincts of being anxious when coming in contact with different places and people.

Did you know that boarding your kitten regularly from an early age helps it to become a more social and adaptable pet. Please feel free to call us if you would like to know more, 02 4358 2608.
[accordion-pane title=”Problems relating to anxiety or undesirable behaviour can be reduced or corrected when boarding in Cat Utopia Resort”]

If your cat is timid (hides when friends come to your house), aggressive, anti-social, hates other cats, dominant towards other pets or people, suffers from separation anxiety or has any other behavioural problems? Then your cat may benefit greatly from a stay at Cat Utopia Resort.

We are experts at handling and socialising cats and often note vast improvements in the behaviours of cats that stay with us. Cats do need to be exposed to different people and environments from time to time, so that they don’t become overly dependent on just one person and one environment. It is also good to start your kitten off with an occasional visit to Cat Utopia, as this will make boarding and socialising much easier over its adult life.
[accordion-pane title=”Health can be improved significantly. We are able to notice problems with our close monitoring”]

If your cat is overweight, underweight, has a sensitive stomach or suffers from bad breath, irregular bowel movements (hard or soft stools), excessive hairballs or any other health problem, then one of our Cat Utopia Resort health programs may be just what the doctor ordered.

With the nannies monitoring we are able to see how regularly your cat goes to the toilet and whether there are any symptoms of illness that need to be attended to by their vet. We can also administer your cat’s medication while you’re away (including diabetic medication).
[accordion-pane title=”Cat boarding is by far the safest way to house your cat while you are away”]

Your friends, family and neighbours may have all good intentions, but they are not experts in caring for your cat.

Cats left unsupervised for prolonged periods get board and start to deviate from their normal behaviours. They start to venture further then what they normally would hoping to find their family and it’s not uncommon for them to get lost, injured and disappear. Indoor cats often develop bad toileting behaviours, such as spraying around the house, which can leave you with a large bill to clean and sometimes replace furniture and carpet.

Free range’ cats can be run over by a car, attacked by dogs or other cats. They can develop abscesses which, if not detected, can become fatal. Ticks are also another threat if not detected by the person caring for your beloved kitty.

Dietary behaviours can also change so often it is hard for your neighbour or carer to know if your cat is eating properly. Their food can go stale or eaten by another animal when left out. Cats can become distressed just by being alone causing them to fall ill because they don’t eat properly.

[accordion-pane title=”Do you cater for kitties on special diets or with special needs?”]
Yes we can. All of our nannies are fully trained to care for kitties with special needs and special diets. Please discuss details at the time of booking.

Resort Tour

[accordion-pane title=”Can I come and see your facilities before deciding?”]
Yes you can. We would be happy to give you a tour of our Resort. As our staff – or nannies as we lovingly call them, are always busy attending to our guests, we ask that you phone first to organise a suitable time and day so that we can ensure that one of our lovely nannies is available to show you around Cat Utopia Resort.

Personalised Chauffer – Cat Taxi

[accordion-pane title=”Do you provide a pet taxi service?”]
Yes, we can organise a pre arranged Cat taxi service for an additional fee. We can organise both pick up and return home. Your kitty will have a personalised chauffeur to cater for your cats comfort.
We service Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Region.

We have teamed up with Merewether Vet Hospital and Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital

Click here to go to our Pet Chauffeur Page


[accordion-pane title=”Where is CatUtopia located?”]
We are located in Doyalson on the beautiful Central Coast between Sydney & Newcastle only minutes off the F3 (M1) on lovely coastal acreage.



Our Transit Lounge

[accordion-pane title=”When you can not make it within our Reception Hours?”]

The convenience of our onsite transit lounge provides the opportunity to check in and out of our cat boarding facility both day and night, the ideal luxury for travelling families. Our Transit Lounge check in and check out service is now available seven days a week (see calendar below) for your convenience from 7am until 9pm.




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