Checking In


 Your Cats Holiday at Cat Utopia Resort



All fees are payable on arrival at the resort, so please be ready to make your payment.

Things to remember to bring with you when checking in


  • Flea/worming prevention is compulsory for all cats staying at Cat Utopia Resort & Spa and must be reapplied every month. Please tell us the date the most recent flea/worming prevention was applied. If the flea prevention does expire whilst at our facility, your cat will have flea prevention reapplied and this will be charged to your account. If we find that your cat does have evidence of fleas we will treat and this will be charged to your account.
  • All Cats over 6months of age MUST be De-sexed.
  • Pedicure is compulsory for all cats boarding (if you are able to do this yourself please make sure it is done only a week prior to boarding
  • We must sight your cat’s annual vaccination certificate prior to admission to Cat Utopia Resort & Spa. SORRY, NO CERTIFICATE, NO ADMISSION.
  • Please bring your cat in a secure carry cage along with their annual vaccination certificate! we cannot make exceptions to this important point, so avoid disappointment.
  • Please do not bring any belonging other than carry cage, food and medication. We have lots of toys and very comfy bedding for you kitties stay.
  • We offer a free morning when you collect your kitty during our Receptions hours of Monday-Saturday 8:30am to 11am.
  • If you collect your kitty  in the afternoon during our Transit Lounge times 3pm-5pm an additional day charge will be applied to your boarding costs.
  • Accounts for cat’s accommodation are to be paid at time of Check In and if using Transit Lounge to Check In Account must be paid in full prior to receiving access code.
  • Medication Fee – we have a Veterinary prescribed medication fee to cover the specialised service our qualified staff provide ($3 per administered medication – Injections $10 per administered Medication).
  • We require a non-refundable deposit at time of booking via credit card only
  • Prescription food (dried & Moist) must be supplied by owner and labelled with Cats Name and Surname.
  •  Small Tins of Fancy Feast, Dine, Purr etc are only provided in the Imperial, Chateau and Penthouse Suites (if your kitty is staying in the Classique or Promenade please provide these and label with your Cats Name and Surname). If you do not wish to provide these there will be additional charge added to your account ($2 per tin).
  • Contact number (of someone other than yourself) – in case of emergency or to answer questions if we cannot get in contact with you.
  • Details of special medication – plus enough medication to last your cat’s stay.



Hours of Operation

For Check In and Check Outs Via our Reception

Monday – Saturday 8:30am to 11:00am

After Hours Check In and Check Outs via Our Transit Lounge by Appt Only

Monday – Saturday 3pm – 5pm & Sunday 9am – 11am – 3pm-5pm

Fees do apply for usage on Sundays $15

Play Time!

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More information on your Cats Holiday below

What food is given?
At Cat Utopia our nannies spend a lot of time preparing our guests meals with TLC. Although our guests receive 2 meals a day, if your kitty requires more or less meals we are able to accommodate this. Please phone to discuss your requirements ahead of kitty’s holiday. See the Menu page on the website for further information.
We specialize in giving your cat its home diet; this ensures a smooth transition from home to holiday. Our main dried food given is Australian made holistic Bio Pet

How many meals do they get per day?
We give all of our guests two meals per day – breakfast & dinner.
We also have a kitten & a senior’s package, which includes the extra meal options. extra services

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring kitty’s own food if you wish – though it’s not necessary.

Will my cat eat?
We have heard that this can be a problem in some boarding establishments & with house sitting. After over 21 years of caring for all types of fussy eaters we never have any problems as we give your cat a smorgasbord if they are a bit fussy.

Do you cater for kitties on special diets or with special needs?
Yes we can. All of our nannies are fully trained to care for kitties with special needs and special diets. Please discuss details at the time of booking.


Do they need to be vaccinated?
Yes. F3 or F4 given 10 days or greater before check in.
Please note; the further away from check in you vaccinate your pet the stronger protection they will have. To ensure full protection for all pets boarding at Cat Utopia Resort each pet must be fully vaccinated. Verification of up-to-date vaccinations is required and we ask clients to present their current certificates prior to boarding with us.

What is the minimum age and maximum age that I can send my kitty on holiday?
All kitties require their full F3 vaccination before boarding; most cats receive this before they are 12 weeks old. So although there is no minimum age, there is a requirement for vaccinations.

Flea & Worming Treatment

Does my cat need to be up to date with their Flea & Worming Treatments?

We ask that your cat’s flea and worm treatment be up to date. We recommend spot flea treatments such as Frontline, Advantage or Revolution (applied every month) or flea injections (if flea injection, please provide vet proof). You can bring your own flea/worming control treatment or we can provide this for your cat at $15 per treatment. If the flea control does expire whilst at our facility, your cat will have the flea treatment reapplied and this will be charged to your account

Please note: we will need to know the date of your cat’s last flea and worm treatment. If you have someone else dropping off your cat off, please ensure you give them a note with this information on it


Why do you require my kitty’s nails to be clipped?
This is a compulsory protocol we have for the safety of your kitty just in case he/she get any of their claws stuck in any materials. Your kitty’s nails must be clipped within two weeks of boarding. If you are unable to clip your kitty’s nails, we can do this for a small fee of $10.
Also, we have helped some kitties where their owner has not noticed that their claws were growing into their pads, so it is good to check every now & again, & especially for old age cats to be checked monthly.

My cat gets brushed every day at home, are you able to accommodate this?
Yes we are able to brush you kitty daily. If your kitty is susceptible to knots we can either do a professional groom to your requirements or we can do a daily brush for a small additional charge.

Safe Transfer

Do I need a Carry Cage?
Yes, your cat’s safety is important. Therefore all cats entering and exiting Cat Utopia Resort must be in an escape-proof carrier until one of our nannies can carry them to their accommodation or you leave our premises.

Resort Tour

Can I come and see your facilities before deciding?
Yes you can. We would be happy to give you a tour of our Resort. As our staff – or nannies as we lovingly call them, are always busy attending to our guests, we ask that you phone first to organise a suitable time and day so that we can ensure that one of our lovely nannies is available to show you around Cat Utopia Resort.

Personalised Chauffer – Cat Taxi

Cat Taxi Logo


Do you provide a pet taxi service?
Yes, we can organise a pre arranged Cat taxi service for an additional fee. We can organise both pick up and return home. Your kitty will have a personalised chauffeur to cater for your cats comfort.
We service Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Region.

We have teamed up with Merewether Vet Hospital and Hornsby Heights Vet Hospital

Click here to go to our Pet Chauffeur Page


Where is Cat Utopia located?
We are located in Doyalson on the beautiful Central Coast between Sydney & Newcastle only minutes off the F3 (M1) on lovely coastal acreage.



Australia’s One & Only Ambassador Transit Lounge

Ambassador Transit Lounge Logo

When you can not make it within our Reception Hours?

Our Transit Lounge is open Monday to Saturday 3pm-5pm and Sundays 9am-11am and 3pm-5 pm