Our Program

Every guest at Cat Utopia receives regular visits to our play gym areas as part of their accommodation package. Our play gyms provide stimulating activity as well as a chance for your pet to snooze in the sun and watch the passing wildlife.

While the daily routine provides some interaction for your cat, there’s other optional actvities and treats available to make your cat’s stay even more fun and stimulating.


A favourite with our regular guests! Nannies provide an intense play session with fun, interactive toys, a natural feline aphrodisiac catnip spray, food-ball chasing and brushing. These heighten your cat’s awareness levels and increase its sense of wellbeing. $5 per session. (Included with Penthouse and Imperial Suites.)

Jungle Gym Play Time

Fun and exploration in our new interactive gym. Great for cats who love people-watching! $4 per session. (Included with Penthouse and Imperial Suites.)

Cuddle-puss Time

An intensive daily cuddle treat with one of the nannies. Great for cats who love personal attention! $5 per session. (Included with Penthouse and Imperial Suites.)

Seniors Program

We know from experience that boarding is a little harder on seniors. Our Seniors Program includes: extra brushing, specially prepared senior food, careful monitoring of eliminations and behaviour, as well as a vitamin and mineral supplement when necessary. This may be compulsory for some cats aged 13 and over. $5 per day. (Included with The Orient Room).

Weight-loss Program

If you require any help with your cat losing weight, please let us know and we’ll design a feeding program for you to continue at home.


$15 (recommended to be done every 3 months).

Flea Control

$15 (recommended monthly).